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Hi Dear one,

If you are ready to start your journey I am here to guide.

Does not matter your age.

Does not matter your flexibility.

Does not matter your strength.

What matters is that you are willing to do the work.

We can do this together!!!

Many Blessings.



“ Me and my husband have been working with Natania since Feb of 2017. We decided to give Yoga a try, to get stronger and we needed help with our shoulders and back pain. We didn’t expect to love so much, our pain diminished and we are able to even sleep better. She is so much fun, understanding of our crazy schedule, so approachable and caring.” Alice B.

“ I hired Natania because I loved her classes so much. Because she always makes everything accessible, simple and real in a way I could understand, I wanted her to help me with the forms and postures. She helped much more than that. She helped me to learn about muscles that I didn’t even know I had, and to be more present in my own body, plus every hour with her was like 5 minutes. She makes everything so fun! P.s: I love her accent.” Maurice A.

“ She got me in savasana. I took one of her classes in a studio where she was teaching and when she started to talk, I will never forget what she said: “its ok to feel what you are feeling”. I started to cry, tears where rolling down my face, and at the end she gave me a big hug like she knew what I was going through. Her voice is soothing and her spirit is pure light and joy”. Andrea S.

“I have been taking private lessons with Natania for over 6 months. In the beginning I was looking for stretching and flexibility, but what I have been blessed with is all the awareness and completude of my spirit and body.I work in a very high paced and stressful environment and doing this practice every day is just what I need. She is magic and all my friends now are also in the journey with her.”Mary G.

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