I Know and You Know....

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I know…

The light lives in you. The dark calls for you so you can look for the light you lost.

So many times I had people asking if I am always happy and joyful like that…(what?, me?)

No, I am not. What I try my best to do is not to share my sorrows or doubts with my dear friends on the mat. They are there to feel better, to be showered with hope and happiness…But I do live my life not hiding from my dark emotions, but transforming them into something positive. I try to listen to their whispers or sometimes to their scream and ask why Am I feeling this way, and Why those thoughts are invading me…

I am grateful for all of those feelings, because with them made me became a better teacher, a better mother, daughter, wife and friend. Because if we were never in the dark how could we relate, how could we help the ones that are there time to time.

I want to share with you these words from Sarah Blondin to remind us all that: WE KNOW.

I know the dark called to you sometimes. When you turn your face from the light. I know that you walked on roads that you shouldn’t. I know you see your habits and long to change them.

I know you are tired of your worn out ways of being, reliving patterns and choosing painful choices. I know you feel at times like life is escaping you. Dancing in front of you, but out of your reach somehow.

I know if hurts to live in the disconnect between what you are current experiencing and what you know exist outside of you beautifully without effort. I know how much it hurts to live there, in the decide between what you feel you are and what you wish you could be.

I know you have tasted the sun in your skin and inhaled with complete trust and then you too at times find hard to move without knowing whats next, and that at times, life feels paralyzing. I know you work so hard to control the outcome of your life that you forget to breathe sometimes. That you live in the shallow end, that you forget to go deep, breathe deep, forgetting to meet yourself in the quiet and breath yourself full again. That you forget there is a well of abundance and trust within you that you forget to go there for fear of losing control.

I know there are places within yourself that you do not love, the parts that you try to rustle away, I know they are there with you and they steal away your joy. I know you visit them time to time hoping they have somehow disappeared. I know you travel between internal peace and trust, terror and fear. I know you long to live more in bliss. I know you can feel it vibrating in your cells when you arrive there in the grace of bliss, but this, this is where you belong, and when you arrive there, you are so alive, as if everything around you is telling you YES! YOU ARE HOME!

I know too that shadows come and pull your feet, and they come sometimes while you are sleep and drag you down into the familiar landscape of fear and doubt.

I know you live there, in the tear of the 2 worlds, between the dark and the light, between trust and distrust, love and hatred, acceptance and resistance, control and faith, between sun soaking mornings, and dark forests.

You are Human my dear one, YOU ARE HUMAN, you are allowed to be in both ways, you are not wrong, you are not damaged, you are not failing because you still get lost in some dark rivers, YOU ARE HUMAN.

Be gentle when doubt comes, when fear chokes, control debilitates, when loneliness blinds you, spend special care to love yourself, in these dark corridors of your being. Spend special care to bring love to your own self. Take gentle care of your vulnerability when you are here. When you arrive in the dark, know that you are being offered the chance to grow your own internal garden of love, that the dark offers you the chance to love all of the places you’ve never dared, the places that challenge you, all of the places you cursed, and the dark offers a restoration of love to your entire being, no matter what land you stand in.

When you are down, you deserve more love, not less, when we deprive ourselves of love, is where we need the most. When the dark comes, tell it what it longs so deeply to hear, that YOU ARE LOVED, that you are loved in all of your shadows, you are loved in all of your light, you are loved in all of your varies stages.

Moments of fear and sadness cannot be cured or defeated, they can only be transformed into love, and support yourself when they arrive. They will came again, and again, giving you the opportunity to cultivate your own garden of love, and with time and practice they will release, they will visit less, they will come not for days but instead only moments, it will remind you, from time to time, to love yourself more.

The Dark, it serves you.

You are learning to restore the love you lost, the love you forgot you were comprised off.

When the light comes, how it always does, even only found for a moment on the crust of a wave, on a sunday breeze, know that its sending its own unique message of love, confirming that you, without any effort on your part are being blessed. You are being showered, That the universe its a kind and loving one. That even in the great darkness it visits you.

The Light lives in you. The Dark calls for you so you can look for the light you lost.

Namaste beautiful people.

Natania Martinez Kamin